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What is Veterinary Medical Manipulation?

Medical Manipulation uses motion palpation and comprehensive physical exam to

find and correct restrictions of movement within joints. Through specific movements

within the plane of a joint, medical manipulation helps to restore normal range of

motion, relax muscles, and relieve pain caused by a restricted joint.

Are medical manipulation and chiropractic the same?

No, Veterinarians may refer to themselves as Chiropractors, simply because clients

are more familiar with the term. Chiropractic, as defined by law, applies specifically

and only to humans. A chiropractor is someone who has completed human

chiropractic training and has a Doctor of Chiropractic degree (DC). These similar

techniques, when applied to animals, are correctly referred to as Spinal

Manipulation or Medical Manipulation. (Explanation provided by Integrative Veterinary Medical Institute)

When can Medical Manipulation Help?

Manipulation can help with a variety of conditions and performance problems such as:

  • Difficulty in bending or maintaining bend

  • Trouble performing lead changes, or keeping a single lead

  • Establishing a connection between front end and hind end

  • Shortness of stride

  • Back Pain


Medical manipulation can also prevent injury by keeping horses in alignment and balanced through regular visits.

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