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As a holistic veterinarian, Dr. Carole Holland uses her expertise to find the best combination of conventional and alternative therapies. The mixture of healing arts and medical skills is used to treat patients effectively, utilizing the scientific benefits supplied by nature. Dr. Holland takes in the whole picture of the patient—the environment, the disease pattern, the relationship with the owner—and develops a treatment protocol that is “(w)holistic.” She is interested in medical history and genetics, nutrition, environment, family relationships, stress levels, and other factors to treat issues from their root. 


Holistic medicine techniques are gentle and minimally invasive and incorporate patient well-being and stress reduction. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you and your four-legged friends.

Mariana Munoz Alba has a veterinary degree from Peru, which helped her get certified in acupuncture and equine medical manipulation by Chi University. Dr. Alba has expanded this certification by achieving a Master’s in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, which encompasses her previous certifications and includes additional knowledge in herbal medicine, food therapy, and Tui-nai (Chinese massage). Dr. Alba is also certified as an equine rehab practitioner by the University of Tennessee, where she gained experience facilitating the recovery of patients sustainably and efficiently. Dr. Alba enjoys spending time at the beach when she is not catching up with the Chi family and expanding her education.

Lexi Mazzota has a bachelor’s degree in Equine Animal Sciences from the University of Florida, where she graduated Cum Laude. During her undergraduate studies, Lexi worked and acted as an exercise rider in Ocala at a farm with over 50 horses, ranging from retirees to foals. Lexi has also worked at an urgent care facility for small animals that need care after regular general practice hours or supportive care before being transported to emergency 24-hour care facilities. Outside of work, Lexi enjoys taking her dog on walks at the beach and reading.

Robert E. Cordero A. received a veterinary degree from Venezuela and has 24 years of experience in equine sports medicine and reproduction. The years of experience Dr. Cordero obtained include working with mostly dressage and racehorses and practicing safe techniques when handling and working on these animals. In his free time, Dr. Cordero coaches elementary soccer and supports his son’s soccer team. Dr. Cordero also enjoys going to the racetrack, as he has worked extensively with thoroughbreds and enjoys celebrating their athleticism and being part of the racing community.

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