Holistic, Nutritional, and Herbal Consultations

Socially distanced with convenient hours.

Schedule a telephone consultation with Dr.Holland by:

  • Fill out the form with some basic information.

  • Select a payment choice. 

You will receive a confirmation email, and  will telephone you at your chosen time. Telephone Consultations are for (but not limited to) such things as:

  • Advice on non-emergency treatment or minor ailments

  • To find out how a Holistic approach can help your animal

  • Follow-up with cases we have already seen

  • Dietary guidelines and options

  • Recommendations for wellness care

  • Review of your records for a second opinion

  • Ask a question about a supplement or medication

Call Dr. Holland and Natural Vet team to schedule an appointment, office (561) 356-4657 or Contact

Holland Veterinary Services | Specializing in Sports Medicine | Holistic & Integrative Care 

Locations Served

Our main office is in Wellington, FL. 

We practice by appointment in:

  • Florida

  • Kentucky

  • New York (Westchester/Long Island)

  • Colorado.

Summer Schedule - (outside of Florida)


  • Weekly Scheduled Visits 

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